Our Mission

To share skills, methodologies and stories that empower changemakers to create impact across communities

Bringing Community into Learning

Pinnacle brings a fresh perspective to the learning experience with programmes that are future-focused and impact-driven. We believe that learning should go beyond the passive absorption of information – this drives our decision to bring in experts who engage in hands-on sessions with our clients

The Pinnacle Philosophy


Spark an internal flame of self-belief and grounded confidence through interactions with instructors who inspire, enable personal breakthroughs and unleash your potential


Be part of our community and foster professional relationships with mentors and peers beyond the classroom. We have created a supportive environment that encourages collaboration and lifelong learning


Bringing knowledge beyond theory to provide you with a deep understanding of concepts, strategies and approaches that are relevant and actionable


Together with knowledge comes experience and application. Guide your learning through hands- on simulations and workshops that equips you with the practical skills that is accessible, relevant and beneficial

Golden Equator Group

Golden Equator is a holding group of businesses committed to creating value beyond the financial. We envisage a world where communities, technology, capital, and learning converge to propel human potential and inspire new possibilities. We commit our talent and resources to develop future-focused solutions that empower the next generation and fuel meaningful connections, which maximise the potential for thriving business communities. In doing so, we amplify opportunities for collaboration and innovation

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