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The NextGen Immersion Programme is a bespoke minimum one-year onsite programme with Golden Equator Group
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  Our Approach

The programme is hyper-customised for each participant, giving NextGens a mix of knowledge, hands-on opportunities, leadership development and extensive business networking, whilst grooming emotional intelligence

Hyper-Customised Curriculum


Extensive Business Networking


Build Leadership Confidence

  Expected Outcomes

Provide NextGens with a holistic learning experience, preparing them for leadership roles in their own business or family enterprise


Gain a deep understanding of NextGens’ inner motivations, unique traits and strengths


Develop a leadership style that is true to NextGens, while learning management techniques and ecosystem building strategies

Fund Management

Learn the basics of financial modelling, trading, risk management and other investment skills

Venture Capital

Study how to evaluate opportunities, carry out comprehensive due diligence and manage private funds

Wealth Management

Familiarize yourself with funds deployment, portfolio diversification and tax considerations while ensuring awareness of succession planning tools for family and business


Acquire competencies to evaluate innovative ideas, consumer engagement tools and business expansion strategies

 Programme Structure

By immersing in Golden Equator Group’s different businesses, you will be equipped with the experience, skills, and knowledge to become better leaders and innovators

Candidate Review
Candidate Review
Assess suitability and develop a deeper understanding of your objectives and family aspirations
Foundational Learning
Foundational Learning
Build a strong foundation in finance, applied wealth management, and other core modules that offer first-hand knowledge and experience
Tailored Syllabus
Tailored Syllabus
Further tailor your learning journey with multidisciplinary elective attachments filled with opportunities for professional growth
Network Building
Network Building
With a dedicated C-suite mentor assigned to you; leverage on Golden Equator’s ecosystem and extensive trusted network
Capstone Project
Capstone Project
Learn to lead through a dedicated project and final showcase to complete this chapter of your learning journey

Our Ecosystem of Companies

We are part of Golden Equator Group, a holding group of businesses committed to creating value beyond the financial. We envisage a world where communities, technology, capital, and learning converge to propel human potential and inspire new possibilities. Learn more about what drives us and what companies are part of our ecosystem.

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