She Loves Tech 2022 Brunei Alumni: Honey BN and Tebalik Plastik

The largest startup accelerator platform for women and technology, She Loves Tech provides female-empowered businesses and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to level up. From hands-on workshops and invaluable mentorship sessions to a tight-knit community of innovative minds, the bootcamp has been designed to empower the entrepreneurs. But rather than just taking our word for it, let’s hear straight from the participants themselves.

We caught up with 2 alumni – Honey BN and Tebalik Plastik, from She Loves Tech 2022 Brunei Round as they share their experience having been part of the programme.

Let’s start off with an introduction of your startups!

Honey BN [HB]: Nestled within a bustling world of digital distractions, The Honey BN stands as a sanctuary where the allure of storytelling and the enchantment of printed words intertwine to create a haven for book enthusiasts. This haven isn’t just a bookstore; it’s an experience that curates narratives across generations, from timeless classics to contemporary reflections. Beyond its shelves, The Honey BN nurtures creativity through interactive sessions, writing workshops, and engaging book clubs, fostering a lifelong love for literature. More than a commercial space, it’s a community hub where readers and authors converge, and where stories build bridges among individuals. With inviting reading nooks, thought-provoking discussions, and a commitment to adapt to the ever-changing literary landscape, The Honey BN envisions a future where the power of a well-crafted story continues to inspire and captivate. In an age of digital acceleration, The Honey BN reminds us that the symphony of words, bound in pages, still holds the unparalleled magic to transport us to unexplored realms and stir the depths of our souls.

Tebalik Plastic [TP]: Tebalik Plastik is a micro plastic recycling startup with the aim to help tackle plastic problem in Brunei. We collect type 2 & 5 plastic from the community which are then used to make hand crafted products for sale. In addition, we also conduct educational talks about the plastic problem in Brunei.

Could you share about your experience taking part in She Loves Tech 2022?

HB: Participating in She Loves Tech 2022 was an insightful journey that redefined our perspective. It was more than just an event; it was a convergence of innovation and determination, surrounded by inspiring women and their teams, all committed to levelling up their startups. The experience provided us with a rare opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs who shared our passion for tech-driven solutions. What surprised us the most was reuniting with acquaintances who were interested in the business world, driven by their curiosity and determination for the tech domain.

Our days at the event were filled with sessions that unveiled captivating topics of technology and raising a startup. We immersed ourselves in discussions about cybersecurity, honed our skills in creating compelling client pitches, and learned from the insights shared by startups from around the globe. The knowledge gained during these sessions continues to guide us through the complex world of tech entrepreneurship.

TP: Being part of She Loves Tech was a series of exciting firsts for us. It was our first time joining a startup bootcamp, our first shot at pitching our business in front of a panel, and our initial experience of working with industry mentors. Plus, we got to meet other startup founders for the very first time. The whole journey was really an eye-opening and positive one. We learned how to improve our pitches, gained valuable insights about tech from industry experts, and connected with fellow entrepreneurs in a super supportive learning environment.

What was one takeaway from your experience at She Loves Tech 2022 that has helped your startup or you as an entrepreneur?

HB: Reflecting on the lessons learned, one resounding message stands out — the potential of women in tech is an uncharted territory. While the global tech sphere presents itself as a competitive arena for women, we realized that in Brunei, the market remains largely untapped. This revelation struck a chord within us, igniting a renewed determination to not only explore this domain but to conquer it.

The event opened our eyes to the boundless possibilities awaiting women in tech. It underscored the fact that the opportunities we encountered are too significant to be overlooked. The stories and experiences of inspiring women from Brunei, who were participants like us, further fuelled our creative drive. Through collaboration, we found new avenues to transform our ideas into reality, resulting in partnerships that are amplifying our impact.

TP: The main takeaway I took away was the benefits of leveraging on digitalization and technology, especially during the early stages of your startup. Such digital tools and knowledge can really help you reach your goals and make your vision a reality. By using these skills and resources, you not only work more efficiently but also gather important data that adds value to your business.

What’s one thing you would hope to see more for females in the entrepreneur and/or tech industry?

HB: Contemplating our journey and the landscape of tech entrepreneurship, we envision a future where diversity thrives. A future where women of different ages and ethnicities converge to share their unique perspectives, enriching the tech sphere with their insights. We believe that embracing a broader spectrum of voices, including those from indigenous and minority groups, would spark innovation in unimaginable ways, addressing challenges with fresh solutions.

TP: For me, it’s quite simple – I truly hope to see more females in both entrepreneurship and in the tech industry!

Thank you so much for sharing with us your experience with She Loves Tech!

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