She Loves Tech 2022 Brunei Winner: Rumine Corporation

She Loves Tech 2023 is happening and it is back BIGGER & BETTER! As we gear up for the upcoming competition, Pinnacle caught up with Rumine Corporation; the winners of last year’s She Loves Tech (Brunei Round), and the first startup to represent Brunei in this global competition.

Could you share more about Rumine Corporation?

Rumine Corporation is a Brunei-based technology company that enables any business or industry to create their own customized Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Extended Reality (XR) and Applied Games. By making AR/VR/MR/XR affordable and scalable for business, we develop platforms that can empower anyone to simply infuse their industry with innovative technological solutions. We strive to advance communication experiences, enable digital transformation, and redefine human interaction.

How was your experience being the first startup to represent Brunei Darussalam during She Loves Tech 2022 Global Competition Rounds?

Joining She Loves Tech was a game-changer! From the start, we felt empowered and excited, welcomed into a supportive community of like-minded tech enthusiasts. The workshops and events helped us grow both personally and professionally, while the mentorship opportunities provided invaluable guidance from experienced professionals. Being part of She Loves Tech allowed us to contribute to a more inclusive future for women in technology, and the connections we made have been instrumental in shaping our goals. It was a transformative and unforgettable experience that continues to inspire us every day.

We were incredibly grateful, happy, and honoured to be the first startup representing Brunei Darussalam during the She Loves Tech 2022 Global Competition Rounds. It was a remarkable opportunity that allowed us to showcase our innovative ideas to a worldwide audience, fostering connections with potential partners, and helping us make a difference in the tech industry. Being selected to participate in such a prestigious event reaffirms our commitment to creating positive change, and we are always excited for opportunities to promote Brunei as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. We are determined to leave a lasting impact, advancing women in technology, and driving positive transformation in our country and beyond.

You mentioned that the workshops and events helped you grow both personally and professionally, could you elaborate how this experience has helped your startup and you as an entrepreneur?

She Loves Tech 2022 proved to be a game-changing experience for our startup and as an entrepreneur. The workshops on leadership, technologies, women entrepreneurs, digitalization, and other topics like inclusive design, life mapping, and intellectual property provided invaluable knowledge and practical insights; strengthening our business strategies and promoting innovation. The international engagement and networking opportunities opened doors to potential investors, partners, and a global audience, significantly enhancing our visibility and market reach. Moreover, the guidance and support from mentors throughout the competition were incredibly helpful and insightful, providing us with expert advice and mentorship that contributed to our growth and success. The focus on empowering women in tech boosted our confidence and determination to break barriers. Overall, She Loves Tech gave us the support, resources, and platform, including the valuable contributions from mentors, which have accelerated our growth and equipped us to create a positive impact in the tech industry while championing diversity and inclusion.

What’s one thing you would hope to see more for females in the entrepreneur and tech industry?

As a representative from Brunei, I’d love to see more support and mentorship opportunities for females in the entrepreneur and tech industry. Empowering women with experienced mentors can provide valuable insights and confidence, propelling them to reach new heights in their careers and ventures. Creating an encouraging environment for women to overcome challenges, which will lead to significant contributions to Brunei’s entrepreneurial and tech landscape. Together, we can embrace and nurture the potential of all aspiring female entrepreneurs and tech professionals, fostering a brighter and more inclusive future for our nation.

Do you have anything to say to startups and entrepreneurs considering joining She Loves Tech 2023?

She Loves Tech experience proved to be a transformative journey. Joining the competition opened doors that they never thought possible, connecting them with investors, partners, and a global audience. The workshops and mentorship provided invaluable insights, helping them fine-tune their strategies and accelerate their growth. The support and empowerment from the She Loves Tech community were truly inspiring, particularly in championing women in tech. They wholeheartedly encourage startups and entrepreneurs to seize the opportunity. We definitely recommend joining She Loves Tech 2023, as it’s an experience that can elevate your startup and lead to remarkable opportunities and growth.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and we can’t wait to see more from Rumine Corporation!

Pinnacle is glad to bring She Loves Tech 2023 back to Brunei. Applications are now open and more information can be found via